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"Kai" = Sea / "Mana" = Power

Conceived for the modern and bold woman, inspired by the sea and its power

This mana is universal, it flows not just through the sea but everything we know, it’s a vital energy. Kaimana reminds us of the power within ourselves, to be and accomplish everything we set our minds into.

We are on a mission to encourage women to feel free and comfortable in their own skin by making a curated selection of unique swim and resort wear brands that align with our core values.

Our Philosophy

Kaimana goes beyond swim and resort wear, we live by the philosophy of building community and consciousness with this simple practices:

Giving back to mother nature, Kaimana will work constantly on reducing its carbon footprint by choosing biodegradable, compostable and reusable packaging over plastic, working with brands that are majorly sustainable and organic, among other practices that will be shared throughout our social media platforms.

Giving purpose to your purchase by supporting women owned brands, because what’s more empowering than this!

Livin' La Vida

Finally, we strongly believe that the more you give the more you receive, that’s why at the end of every year we will donate a percentage of our sales to nature or women related organizations to give back to our community in Mexico.

Living the Kaimana lifestyle is enjoying the now, respecting mother nature, while caring for others. We hope our products inspire you to bring the power within you, thank you for being part of Kaimana!